It shouldn’t hurt to be alone

But it does.

I’ve been away from here for months – that probably makes me an arsehole. Sorry.

New job, blah blah, big personal life changes, blah de blah, but no excuses. The name of this blog is apt, no? 😉

I’m sitting here alone wondering how I got ‘here’ and where everything is leading, and what it all means, and why the f*ck I seem so fundamentally ill equipped to be in my own company.

How cliché, right?  – unadulterated navel gazing as the year ticker is about to click up.

happy new yearI’ve been lectured on the difference between loneliness and being alone, but I haven’t been able to separate the two very well. If you’ve cracked that, or even if you’re stymied like me, I’d appreciate hearing about it.

I’m decidedly not sorry at all for being alone. An AirAsia plane went down two days ago. Who the f*ck am I to feel sorry for myself?! So I’m not.

I’m just lonely. And confused by why I can’t seem to enjoy my own company.

Maybe it has something to do with a difficult childhood and genetics that have paved the way for a perfect storm of biochemical imbalance. But why should the act of being alone feel like taking an elevator down thirty two floors to the depression basement? Perhaps being alone could be a buoying and freeing experience? Like jumping off the roof of a building as in The Matrix and realising you’re okay? Maybe. I’ve felt moments of that, and gratitude for glorious independence from the weight of compromise and people pleasing.

Maybe the reason I suck at being alone has something to do with how much I suck at being with others.

I’m either a crazy workaholic with manic social calendar or sit sadly by myself in quiet and isolation, paralysed by some kind of fear I can’t quite put my finger on.

If I were Goldilocks I’d run back and forth between the icy cold and piping hot bowls ‘ouch ouching’ all the way instead of settling for the safer middling option.

goldilocks 3 bowlsWhy a person of extremes? Born into it perhaps. Molded by a life of extreme events. I crave the adrenaline and excitement and the counterpoint of solitude because I can’t sprint all of the time. But the solitude is often an uneasy break from life and is rarely for pleasure. The ‘safe’ option seems worse though – living in moderation seems to provoke greater anxiety and disquiet than all the terror of being alone.

Spiritual leaders, mental health experts, self-help gurus chant about the importance of ‘balance’ but I don’t know how to be alone only a little. I’m either with you or I’m not. I’m either in the company of others or I’m not. Dividing time equally has been an elusive accomplishment.

Maybe trading a life partner for independence (and possibly a chance at a ‘better’ relationship) is just running on a hamster wheel and whatever I do the chances for moments of joy will be the same depending on my capacity for gratitude.

hamster wheel

Maybe it’s supposed to hurt a lot to be alone. And it’s supposed to hurt a lot to be with others. Maybe that’s a fact of living to accept as the down payment on a chance at those fleeting moments of tender connection and sweet independence.

The real problem could be my low tolerance for the trade offs. An emotional greed for more ups than downs has created a false sense of entitlement.

So here’s a different kind of new year’s cheers –

Here’s to 2015, a year that will be lonely, and difficult, and painful, and fast paced, and exciting, and interconnected, and here’s to acceptance of its peaks and valleys as they are, rather than as I would wish them to be.

peaks and valleys

I’ve started a new project

I get on the train at sunrise, and get on again at sunset. But the fickle pen will find time to rise again this weekend! Stay tuned

In the meantime, here’s a wonderful quote to inspire you and explain why I’m on a new assignment this month!

tend your garden


“Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy.”

— Robert Tew

This quote shook me to the core

“Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live” — Norman Cousins


I’ve grappled a lot with loss. What is it about grief that compels us to cling to our pain and focus on the gaping hole? If a meteor blasted a crater in your garden, would you abandon tending the other plants because of the one hole? Although I didn’t completely abandon other parts of myself, I could be giving them more attention. Here’s to nourishing what lives inside of us amongst the wreckage…

Hello Monday

We meet again. Today is going to be a little different. I will not fear or dread the work that is to come, or the snapping of people grumpier than me. Today is about acceptance and understanding of myself and others. I know that we tend to point fingers and complain about you. But I’ve come to realize that you’re our opportunity for a positive start to the week. So thanks! I’ll use it well…



happyMurphy’s law was in full effect this morning, but I’ve decided to not be a dick about it. Sure, things are going wrong. But it’s Friday! Here’s to accepting the disasters and finding joy (still alive, woowoo!) even when your house of cards is falling. Happy Friday, WordPress! Now time for a well-earned nap…