grumpy hopeful

grumpyhopefulI’m tired of hiding indoors shooting daggers at clouds, and am ready to burst forth into the orange glow of summer. I snapped this pic while taking an ‘outdoors break’ from work today. Maybe the photo was motivated by narcissism because I felt a kindred connection?

This rather large, ugly, brown bush has just a couple blooms, and hints of tender foliage, trying to ease their way through thorns for a glimpse of the sun. I stood there staring at it for a good few minutes — the plant masked in dull bark, and me in drab work clothes — both of us drinking in the fresh air. A plant and a person, grumpy hopeful, awaiting spring.

perspective gymnastics

Do you talk mostly about what floats your boat, or about what’s going tits up in your life?  

I tend to share ‘the good’ as a tirade preface or quick afterthought. Not in polite conversation of course, where topics remain surficial and pleasant. I rant only with good friends and family. Do you do this too?

I wonder if it’s because we expect good things to happen, so we’re most keen to report on the deviations: falling ill, working with difficult people, deadlines missed, efforts unappreciated. Maybe we’re grumpy selfish prats, or maybe we rely on the perspectives of others to help us process the bad stuff. Either way…


Red Boat Upside Down, Ken Trimpe Photography

a recent article on HuffPo claims that focusing on what’s right in our lives may be more transformative than simply focusing on what needs changing. I’m marinating my brain in that thought. There’s scant information on why this should be true. But I’m already haphazardly committed to mindfulness practice (10 min meditation daily, on the days I remember to do it!), so why not try? For the rest of this week, I’m going to spend more time thinking about what’s going well in my life. Fancy trying it with me?

Someone complains about getting too few lines in the script? —> How awesome that I’m paid to write scripts!

Now you try one…

Sounds a bit daft, but it’s just for a week, so what the hell. And maybe these mental gymnastics will give me a better perspective on life.

A boat that goes tits up and still floats!